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Sea Scandola Nature Reserve

Scandola offers in an explosion of colors its fantastic landscapes and escarpments, punctuated by geological curiosities or the 'taffoni', hollow sculptures shaped by the wind and the salt of the spray. 
Vegetation clings to the red cliffs: myrtles, mastic trees, arborescent euphorbias, holm oaks, strawberry trees, arborescent heathers and rock roses up to an altitude of 500 meters. 
On the surface of the water, a calcareous algae develops which agglomerates over the years to form veritable sidewalks in some caves. 
The transparency and purity of the water allow the abundance of underwater life.

Created on December 9, 1975, Scandola was the first Reserve in France with a dual vocation: marine and land.

Its area is 900 ha on land and 1000 ha marine. This peninsula of volcanic origin closes north of the Gulf of Porto, the first French natural site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 
Since 1982, it has belonged to the Network of specially protected marine and coastal areas of the Mediterranean. Its exemplary management earned it the category A diploma of European Nature Reserves awarded in 1985 by the Council of Europe, a diploma renewed in 1990 and 1995. 
The reserve is above all remarkable for its geology. 
It occupies the Scandola peninsula, an impressive porphyry massif with tormented shapes. Its vegetation is a remarkable example of scrub. 
There are gulls, cormorants and fish eagles. The transparent waters, with inaccessible islets and caves, are home to a rich marine life. 
There are over 450 species of algae there. For some, Corsica is the only area of ​​Mediterranean predilection. On the vertebrate side, the abundance is remarkable, 125 species have been inventoried, in particular for those which have become rare in the Big Blue: grouper (or Epinephelus marginatus), badeche (Epinephelus alexandrinus), denti (Dentex dente). 
At the infralittoral level, the most conducive to life in the marine environment, temperature changes and salt variations are moderate. Life develops there harmoniously. Nothing hinders photosynthesis in plants and animals, they find their food there and the food chain, as complex as it is, can be established. 
The edible sea urchin and the black sea love soft algae and calcareous algae, respectively. 
There is a blue limpet, schools of saupes, red mullet, oblades. 
Much lower, from a depth of thirty meters, is the circalittoral level. There is a coralligenous, one of the most extraordinary landscapes in the Mediterranean. Cornices and mineral draperies are covered with gorgonians. Then it’s the turn of red coral, sponges, sea squirts and a green algae with the sweet name of Halimeda tuna. 
Our kingfish, the grouper, appears in the half-light, as do the lobsters and the barber. 
The reserve is the refuge of protected species. It is one of the last sites to house the Patelle Ferrugineuse.
Réserve de Scandola
Scandola Reserve
Photo de la réserve
Photo of the reserve
Vue depuis le bateau
View from the boat
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